Nathan Bell, @2640

2640, a "12 Monkeys"-style decaying former church sanctuary, sits on the frayed edge of Charles Village in mid-central Baltimore.  I recorded Nathan Bell's solo banjo set there in February of 2008, at a show that featured a few of Baltimore's most interesting and adventurous performers (Ian Nagoski and Jenny Graf amongst them).  Plugged into a borrowed amp which overloaded just slightly during the more strident passages, Nathan's playing held the small crowd in rapt attention during his brief set.  As a fan of Nathan's work in both Lungfish and Human Bell, I'm thrilled to be releasing this, as discovering Nathan's solo work and capturing it in this environment is exactly the kind of experience I wanted to document with this label.  I'm thrilled to have recorded such a transcendent performance and been in attendance on such a magical night.

 Nathan Bell @2640
CD EP (WMD005)

Track List:

1. Moonsblood
2. Devil's Breath
3. The Act
4. Runaway Horse



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